Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday cretive reflections

Today is Good Friday and my friends from my art group were asked to help people reflect on the crucifiction and the events leading up to the crucifiction. The following works of art made from paper is what they did. I loved them and hope you do to.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Creative inspiration part 1

Well already I have some responses for what inspires people. I thought seeing I was doing this survey I should also share my responses to the questions that I asked.

Dana - from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
I enjoy lots of creative things - I especially love to create anything visual, drawing, painting, as well as making food look visually apealling.
I am especially inspired by nature, beautiful settings, sunsets the ocean. I am also inspired by the creativity of others, I love going to art galleries and seeing what other people have created.
Stiffling my creativity - would be getting busy with life, not putting aside time to just reflect and enjoy creativity.

I also love movies and music even thougth I do not produce these myself, I so enjoy the creative processes that have gone into these. I have to say I so love it when the photography, art design etc. is just so beautiful and inspiring.

I was very inspired by the lamps I saw in Europe and have attempted to create my own paintings etc.

Andrew - from the Gold Coast, Queensland

I enjoy writting songs stories and poetry.
What inspires you to be creative : God inspires me, life love and esp lack of love and my daughter etc.
Hinderances to creativity:  laziness, work and tv esp slows my creativity.
Other creativity I have been involved is the acting I used to do.

 Michelle from Ipswich, Queensland

What kind of creative things do you enjoy doing? Writing, poetry, painting, sketching, and designing.

What inspires you to be creative? Music, the ocean, water, indigenous cultures, being outside being by myself.

What things stiffle your creativity? Talking or others around me talking, being busy with normal day to day life.

What inspires you?

A friend of mine sent out an email to her friends to get a their responses to a community quiz. It got me thinking it would be really interesting to see what inspires creativity in different people. So email me if you want to be involved and keep checking in to see how people are inspired creatively.