Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Creative cleaning part Two

I've been trying to continue to get the chemicals out of my cleaning around my place. I've had some victories and some troubles with it all. My dishwasher powder was a bit of a problem - leaving the dishes dirty and a white film all over things, so back to stuff that works.

Bicarb and vinegar has been such a great and versatile cleaner. I've used it to clean my oven, get mold off my shower and sink, and have now replaced my toothpaste with bicarb. It has been great.
To clean the oven I just sprinkled the bicarb on the oven door then sprayed it with vinegar then wiped it off, no scrubbing. The shower I made a bicarb mixture of bicarb and vinegar in a paste put it on the tiles and then sprayed it with vinegar, a bit of scrubbing with an old toothbrush and then it was clean.
I now have a bicarb in a dish in my bathroom to clean my teeth - just dip my toothbrush in and brush.

dirty oven door

sprinkle with bicarb and spray with vinegar

wipe it off

clean door

basin plug before

after bicarb and vinegar 


bicarb and vinegar paste

much cleaner

clean teeth with bicarb

Monday, May 7, 2012

creative recycling - carry bag take 2

I had a pair of jeans that had started to wear out and I thought how can I reuse and recycle them. I had previous made a pair of shorts into a bag ( a brown one) and thought Denim would go with lots more of my stuff so decided to do the same with the jeans. I cut them off and sewed the legs; attached an old silk rope from an old robe to the belt loops for a strap and then tied a piece of string onto another belt loop at the back to put over the front button to help keep it a bit closed. I like how it has turned out and have already had a compliment from a lady who served me in a shop the other day when I was using it.
I love being able to have things that I have created that are useful.