Friday, December 16, 2011

Creative Space

I have a small unit that I live in and one spare room which is an office, come junk room, come storage room, come guest room. I had previously had a sofa lounge/futon in the room but it took lots of space. After a trip to Ikea and a generous gift from my parents the room is now much more functional and funky. I spent much of the morning working on creatively reorganising space in the room and adding some splashes of red - which seems to be creeping into much of my decor these days.

The photos show what my results were.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Matisse inspiration

Well it has been a very long time since I wrote anything on my blog, been a busy time of the year. I had managed to get to an exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, with my friends to see hundreds of drawings by Matisse. It was a great time and there were so many that you left with a head so full of inspiration. I loved the end of it where they had a drawing room, and through out the day they have live music (a violinist - as Matisse played the violin) and live models, as well as lots of still life things to draw. You could draw on paper or they had digital tablets which was so cool. I even had a go drawing on my phone with a doodle app. It was so nice to get some time to just chill and draw.

My still life with pencil and paper in the drawing room

My friend and I played Mr.Squiggle where she drew some lines on the digital tablet and then I had to make a Matisse inspired drawing from it. This face is what I ended up with

This was my attempt to draw one of Matisse's still life drawings on my iPhone .