Thursday, February 2, 2012

creative counting

Being  back at work (aka school) has meant a new class, and new challenges. One of these was that I had several students struggling with counting in 5's. I had found some square cards that counted in 5's but I thought it was a bit boring. Then I got this idea, we have 5 fingers on our hands (well technically 4 and thumb - as one of my students told me) but you get the idea; so I got them to make hand prints, then I cut them out and glued them on a black backing. Then I wrote the numbers counting in 5's on them, I then plan to laminate them so they keep longer. I hope these will help students understand they are counting groups of 5 when they are counting in 5's. They also look really fun and bright.

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  1. Clever, artistic teachers like you are a gift tomallmof us! Terah